Woman in Mind
by Alan Ayckbourn

Tower Theatre, Canonbury
May 4 - 11, 1991


Susan Penny Tuerk
Bill, her doctor John Pople
Gerald, her husband Chris Holmes
Muriel, her sister-in-law Kate Fearnley
Rick, her son Torben Betts
Andy, her husband Jerome Foreman
Tony, her brother Paul Byskup
Lucy, her daughter Linda Stewart

Woman in Mind
John Pople (Bill) & Penny Tuerk (Susan)

Production Team
Director : Doreen Shafran
Set Design : Simon Rhind-Tutt
Lighting Design : Ralph Shafran
Costume Design : Kirsten Williams

Stage Manager : Michelle Balgobin
ASMs : Amanda McEvoy, Jan Harris, Claire Rice, Nina Berman
Sound tape : Brian McLoughlin
Sound operator : Jane Storey
Recording engineer : Kirsten Cowie
Lighting operator : Barry Coidan
Trumpet : Richard Willis
Set construction : Leah Shuttleworth, Hannah Simons, Dominic Turner, Denis Turner, Andy Hind & members of the cast and crew