See How They Run
by Philip King

Tower Theatre, Canonbury
April 20 - 27, 1991


Ida, the maid Jane Darby
Miss Skillon, a devoted parishioner Noreen Spall
The Rev Lionel Toop, vicar of Merton-cum-Middlewick Robert Ward
Penelope, his ex-actress wife, niece of a bishop Lesley Kennedy
Lance-Corporal Clive Winton, actor and ex-leading man to Penelope Ian Chaplain
The Intruder Gately Freeman
The Bishop of Lax, Penelope's uncle Tom Tillery
The Rev Arthur Humphrey David Taylor
Sergeant Towers, of the Middlesex Regiment James Horne

See How They Run
James Horne

Production Team
Director : Sara Randall
Set Design : Bill Leahy
Lighting Design : Stephen Ley
Costume Design : Phyl Lee & Betty Reading

Stage Manager : Sarah Ambrose
ASMs : Robyn Porcheron, Alan Frendo, Debbie Perry, Katherine Hooker, Nonny Phillips
Lighting operator : Fay Pedder
Sound operator : Derek Pedder
Wardrobe : Susie Brown
Set construction : Mike Hall, Keith Syrett, Tony O'Brien, Rebecca D'Monte, Chris Seal, David Holyoake, Colin Guthrie, Roanne Carey, Dinah Irvine, Paul Barrett, John McSpadyen, Phil Earle, Max, David Taylor
At the piano : Colin Guthrie