Underneath the Arches
by Patrick Garland, Brian Glanville & Roy Hudd
in association with Chesney Allen

Tower Theatre, Canonbury
March 9 - 23, 1991


Bud Flanagan Richard Willis
Chesney Allen Bob Bradick
Jimmy Nervo James Bunn
Teddy Knox Colin Dent
Charlie Naughton John Kenny
Jimmy Gold Simon Foster
"Monsewer" Eddie Gray Sean Buckley
Florrie Forde Pat Scott or Celia Reynolds
Other roles played by Derek Pedder & members of the company
Chorus Janet Esterson
Gail Littlewood
Sharona Barry
Fay Pedder
Deborah Murray

The Band

Roy Margolis (piano)
Peta Barker (percussion)
Ralph Shafran (saxophone/clarinet)
Martin South (bass guitar)

Underneath the Arches
Bob Bradick & Richard Willis

Production Team
Director : Guy Saunders
Musical Director : Roy Margolis
Set Design : Marc Fioré
Lighting Design : Stephen Ley
Costume Design : Phyl Lee & Betty Reading
Choreography : Anna Twilley

Stage Manager : Marc Fioré
ASMs : Romany Savident, Alan Frendo, Wendy Sorensen
Lighting operators : Mike Hall, Jayne Lawrence, Dennis Adams
Wardrobe : Susie Brown, Betty Reading, Sue Gardner
Sound operator : Jayne Lawrence
Set construction : Marc Fioré, Jason Cox & cast and crew