Sinbad the Sailor
An Original Pantomime by John Field

Tower Theatre, Canonbury
December 15, 1990 -
January 1, 1991


Sinbad the Sailor Penny Aston
Mrs Sinbad, his mother James Horne
Ali Pali, her youngest son Kerrin Roberts
Mr Tinbad, the tailor Tony O'Brien
The Caliph of Basra Tom Tillery
Princess Yasmin, his daughter Helen Dudley
Prince Kassim, her wicked uncle James Bunn
The Genie Suzanna Cardash
The Medallion Man Deryck High
Oracles Nonny Phillips
Sally Holley
Margaret Kitchingman
The Snake Charmer Deryck High
Children Michelle Butterworth
Paul Butterworth
The Old Man of the Sea Margaret Kitchingman
Hawaiian maidens Pascale Wood
Sally Holley
Margaret Kitchingman
Vizier to King Rumbletummy Chris Holmes
Jewels Sharona Barry
Suzanna Cardash
Deryck High
King Rumbletummy, a giant Jim Spall
Scheherazade, a washerwoman Sharona Barry
Fatima, a washerwoman Celia Reynolds
Mahmouda, a washerwoman Nonny Phillips
Townspeople, sailors, henchmen, fish, nymphs, etc. Sharona Barry
Michelle Butterworth
Suzanna Cardash
Sally Holley
Margaret Kitchingman
Nonny Phillips
Pascale Wood
Paul Butterworth
Deryck High
Chris Holmes
Jim Spall
Tom Tillery

The Band

Syd Lee (piano/keyboard)
Peta Barker (percussion/bass)

Sinbad the Sailor 

Production Team
Director : David Taylor
Musical Director : Syd Lee
Set Design : David Taylor
Lighting Design : Brian McLoughlin
Choreography : Kerrin Roberts
Costume Design : Phyl Lee

Stage Manager : Margaret Ley
ASMs : Romany Savident, Noreen Spall, Stephen Blohm, Bill Leahy, Mike Crawshaw, Alan Frendo, Keith Syrett, Paul Davis, Jayne Lawrence
Sound tape : David Blount
Lighting & sound operators : Dinah Irvine, Deborah Peters, Adam Key, Phil Earle, Sheila Burbidge, Eleanor Pattinson
Wardrobe : Phyl Lee, Betty Reading, Celine Rogers
Mr Horne's frocks by Phyl Lee of London & Havoc of Hollywood
Properties made by Colin Winter
Hats made by Colin Winter & Sue Gardner
Galley scene painted by Robin Laws
Shadow puppet sequence by Phylip Harries
Snake & shark made by Ken Haines
Sea creature costumes designed and made by Susie Brown
Set building : Sarah Ambrose & Roanne Carey (supervision), Denis Turner, Dominic Turner, David Dale-Skey, Richard Bealing, Laurence Tuerk, Nick Insley, Stephen Ley, Paul Barrett, Graham Trainor, John McSpadyen, George Webb, Max, Peter Benson, Bill Green, Amanda McEvoy, Don Lyford, Beryl Homer, David Holyoake, Sean Buckley, Andy Hind, Michael Trainor, Angela Trainor, Simon Rhind-Tutt, Malcolm Wynder, Lotte Wynder, Chris Seal & cast and crew