Passion Play
by Peter Nichols

Tower Theatre, Canonbury
November 24 - December 1, 1990


Eleanor Rona Savident
James David Sellar
Jim Guy Saunders
Nell Despina Sellar
Kate Debbie Perry
Agnes Val Whitehouse
Other parts played by Fay Pedder
Sue Lacey
Madeleine Paterson
Nonny Phillips
Robert Ward
Suzanne Cardash
Keith Syrett
Mark Ryan
John Pople
Wilmot Bennitt
Jonathan Cash
Aidan O'Kelly

Passion Play 

Production Team
Director : Pat Grosse
Set Design : Alan Root
Lighting Design : Steve Shepperd
Costume Design : Bernadette Curran
Music Director : Pat Grosse

Stage Manager : Marc Fioré
ASMs : Romany Savident, Alan Frendo, Henry Paterson, Laurence Gilbert
Lighting operator : Ron Brooker
Sound tape : David Holyoake
Sound operator : Sara Dingle
Wardrobe : Bernadette Curran
Prompt : Sue Gardner
Photography : Alan Root
Set construction : Alan Root, Mike Crawshaw, Peta Barker, Jayne Lawrence & members of cast and crew