Once in a Lifetime
by Moss Hart & George S Kaufman

Minack Theatre
July 16 - 20, 1990


George Lewis David Shannon
May Daniels Karen Walker
Jerry Hyland Simon Foster
Herman Glogauer Peter Novis
Lawrence Vail Martin South
Susan Walker Gail Littlewood
Helen Hobart Denyse Macpherson
Miss Leighton Sue Styles
Mrs Walker Pat Scott
Rudolph Kammerling Gately Freeman
Miss Chasen Anya Newstead
Weisskopf Chris Holmes
Meterstein Bob Kirkland
Phyllis Fontaine Kathy Buckingham
Florabel Leigh Jo Staples
Continuity Girl Sally Holley
George's Secretary Chrissie Gorman
Dresser Nonny Phillips
First Schlepkin Brother Ron Brooker or
Wilmot Bennitt
Biographer Kate Fearnley
Painter Keith Syrett
and featuring the SuperJewels Peta Barker
James Bunn
Jon Burke
Tim Sykes
Fiona Clark
Janet Esterson
Fenella Lee
Jackie West
with Richard Willis
Other parts played by Eric Adler
Alan Frendo
Andy Hind
David Holyoake
Nick Insley
Robert Irvine
Don Lyford
David Patrickson
Debbie Perry
Dan Shafran
Tom Tillery
Penny Kirkman
& members of the company

Once in a Lifetime
Singing in the Rain

Production Team
Director : Penny Tuerk
Choreography : Janet Esterson
Musical Director : Dan Shafran
Set Design : Malcolm Wynder
Costume Design : Betty Reading
Sound Design : Stephen Ley
Lighting Design : Nick Insley

Stage Manager : Laurence Tuerk
ASMs : Lotte Wynder, Roanne Carey, Alan Frendo, Keith Syrett, Barry Patterson, David Holyoake, Beryl Homer, Debbie Perry
Music : The Joey Safranski Hollywood Ragtime Orchestra
Additional recording : Stephen Ley, Laurence Tuerk
Sound operator : Dinah Irvine
Lighting operators : Mike Hall, Eleanor Pattinson
Wardrobe : Margaret Kitchingham, Phyl Lee, Susie Brown, Sue Gardner, Charlotte Balazs, Kate Fearnley, Bernadette Curran, Irianwen Rees, Rose Marie Vernon
Set construction : Virginia Chapman, Simon Rhind-Tutt, Sarah Ambrose, Max & members of the company
Publicity officer : Celia Wells
Photography : Alan Root