Round & Round the Garden
by Alan Ayckbourn

Tower Theatre, Canonbury
May 19 - 26, 1990

  also presented at the 6th Annual Milev English Drama Festival of Tel Aviv, in a tour of Israel during April 1990 and for one performance at the Curtis Mill Green Theatre on May 12, 1990


Norman Michael Gabe
Tom Robert Ward
Sarah Marion Robson
Annie Sally Ann Lycett
Reg Guy Saunders
Ruth Pat Scott

Round and Round the Garden
Michael Gabe (Norman) & Marion Robson (Sarah)

Production Team
Director : Pat Grosse
Set Design : Simon Rhind-Tutt
Lighting Design : Paul Fryer, Sally Hall

Stage Manager : Dennis Adams
ASM : Adam Key
Lighting operator : Barry Nelson
Music tape : David Holyoake
Sound operator : Hugh Whittall
Set construction : Alan Root, Dinah Irvine, Keith Syrett, Mike Hall, Malcolm Wynder, Rachel Talbot, Barry Nelson, Hugh Whittall, Adam Key, Robert & Elizabeth Irvine