Canterbury Tales
Chaucer made modern by Phil Woods with Michael Bogdanov with music by Chris Barnes

Tower Theatre, Canonbury
March 24 - 31, 1990


The Knight Tony Biggins
The Hon Sec Jane Darby
The Wife of Bath Sue Gardner
The Pardoner Deryck High
The Nun Helen McCormack
The Priest John McSpadyen
The Miller Tony Moores
The Caretaker Derek Pedder
The Merchant Linda Porter
The MC Betty Reading
The Reeve Marcus Toulmin-Rothe

Canterbury Tales
Marcus Toulmin-Rothe (The Reeve)

Production Team
Director : Tony Jaques
Set Design : Monica Bodmer
Lighting Design : Laurence Tuerk
Costume Design : Betty Reading
Special musical assistance : John Porter
Oboe : Clare Melhuish
Accordion : Tony Jaques

Stage Manager : Jacqui Gregory
DSM : Clare Kosinski
ASMs : Sarah Hall, Paul Davis, Pascale Wood
Lighting operators : Martin Willitts, Laurence Tuerk, Penny Tuerk
Sound operator : Colette Dockery
Wardrobe : Charlotte Balazs, Bernadette Curran, Sarah Dearnaley, Christine Foster, Margaret Kitchingman, Fay Pedder, Linda Porter
Set construction : Lotte Wynder, Malcolm Wynder, Roannne Carey, Denis Turner, Alan Root, Val Whitehouse, Rachel Talbot, Dinah Irvine, Elizabeth Irvine, Robert Irvine, Bridget Bailey, Paul Davis, Simon Rhind-Tutt, Nick Insley, Stephen Ley