The City Madam
by Philip Massinger

Tower Theatre, Canonbury
November 11 - 18, 1989


apprentices to Sir John Frugal
David Baresch
Terry Hughes
Lady Frugal Betty Reading
Anne Frugal
Mary Frugal
her daughters
Helen McCormack
Carmel Johnston
Millicent, Lady Frugal's woman Lesley Bilton
Stargazer, her astrologer Wilmot Bennitt
LukeSimon Foster
Gettall, a gaming-house keeperIain Ollason
Lacy, son to Lord LacyDavid Heath
Plenty, a Country GentlemanAndrew Lambirth
Sir John Frugal, a MerchantTony Jaques
impoverished suitors
Jerry Moreton
John Ambler
Lord Lacy Brice Pitt
Holdfast, steward to Sir John Frugal David Walker
Shavem, a wench Fay Pedder
Secret, a bawd Sue Gardner
Hamish Adam
Tony Biggins
SheriffJohn Kenny
Marshal Derek Pedder
Serjeant Sean Buckley
Charon Tony Biggins
Orpheus John Ambler

The City-Madam

Production Team
Director : Colin Smith
Set Design : John Ambler
Lighting Design : Len Weller
Costume Design : Betty Reading

Stage Manager : Marc Fioré
DSM : Romany Savident
ASMs : Andrea Owers, Jan Reynolds, Pascale Wood, Tony Biggins, Sean Buckley
Lighting operator : Rob Lewis
Sound operator : Phil Earle
Wardrobe : Betty Reading, Phyl Lee, Sheena Bradley, Sue Gardner
Set construction : Barry Patterson, Jason Cox, Steven Shepperd, Anne McInnes, Hamish Brown