An Italian Straw Hat
by Eugène Labiche & Marc-Michel
adapted by Thomas Walton

Tower Theatre, Canonbury
October 28 - November 4, 1989

  also presented at the Apollo Theatre, Newport, IoW, August 1989


maid to Mme Beaujolais
Sally Holley
Felix, valet to M FadinardDavid Blount
Vézinet, the bride's deaf uncleJim Spall
Fadinard, the bridegroomBob Bradick
Tavernier, Captain of ZouavesHarry Reeder
Annette, Mme BeaujolaisAnnemarie Fearnley
Nonancourt, the bride's father Marcus Toulmin-Rothe
Helen, the bride Ella Kenion
Boby, the bride's cousin Paul Davies
Clara, a milliner Jo Staples
Tardiveau, Clara's cashier Peta Barker
Comtesse de Champigny,
a society hostess
Pat Scott
Achille de Rosalba,
the Countess's cousin
Chris Holmes
Clotilde, maid to the CountessMarieanne Fearnley
BeaujolaisMichael Gabe
Corporal of the National GuardPeter Benson
PianistKate Fearnley
Guests at the wedding, at the Countess's party, & National Guards Sheila Burbidge
Kathy Davenport
Marjorie Hogg
Elizabeth Irvine
Margaret Kitchingman
Ann Scott
Nonny Phillips
Valerie Whitehouse
Ron Brooker
Victor Hall
Robert Irvine
Bill Manley
Keith Syrett
George Webb
& members of the company

An Italian Straw Hat
Bob Bradick, Harry Reeder & Annemarie Fearnley

Production Team
Director : Noreen Spall
Set Design : Simon Rhind-Tutt
Lighting Design : Alan Root
Costume Design : Betty Reading
Words & Music : Thomas Walton & Mark Lubbock
Musical arrangement : Colin Guthrie

Stage Manager : Beryl Homer
ASMs : Claire Rice, Peter Benson, Victor Hall, Sally Holley, Keith Syrett, Nick Whitehouse
Lighting operator : Dinah Irvine
Sound operator : Madeleine Paterson
Sound tape : David Blount
Wardrobe : Betty Reading
Set construction : Simon Rhind-Tutt, Malcolm Wynder, David Holyoake, Rick Savery, Steve Shepperd, Keith Syrett, Richard Glynn, Robert Thomas Glynn, Abby-Lee Knight, Mike Hall, Denis Turner, Dominic Turner & members of cast and crew