The Gingerbread Lady
by Neil Simon

Tower Theatre, Canonbury
October 14 - 21, 1989


Jimmy PerryChris Gregory
ManuelTerry Hughes
Toby LandauDespina Sellar
Evy MearaSheila Burbidge
Polly MearaLaura Macaulay
Lou TannerDavid Sellar

The Gingerbread Lady
Sheila Burbidge, Despina Sellar & Chris Gregory

Production Team
Director : Nigel Martin
Set Design : Andrew Newman
Lighting Design : Keith Syrett
Costume Design : Marjorie Hogg

Stage Manager : Clare Kosinksi
ASMs : Jane Pallant, Mark Cook
Lighting operator : Mike Hall
Sound operator : Colette Dockery
Set construction : Peter Benson, Denis Turner, Jane Ely, Harry Reeder, Max, Wendy Parry, Pat Connolly, Madeleine Paterson, Malcolm Wynder, Roanne Carey & members of cast and crew