by Peta Barker
from the novel by Russell Hoban

Tower Theatre, Canonbury
March 19 - April 1, 1989

  One of three plays presented in repertory, the other two being The Destruction of Dan Derga’s Hotel by Charles Langley & Vincent by Wallace MacDowell


KleinzeitBob Bradick
Creative Director David Shannon
Dr PinkSue Styles
SisterSally Holley
Dr KrishnaTerry Hughes
FlashpointChris Holmes
Blipping MachineGail Littlewood
GodRobert Hough
UndergroundDavid Shannon
SalesmanTerry Hughes
GlockenspielJanet Esterson
Fat ManRichard Willis
HospitalDick Barton
RedeyeChris Holmes
Yellow PaperSue Lacey
NurseElla Kenion
WordRichard Willis
GirlElla Kenion
BoyTerry Hughes
Woman 1Gail Littlewood
Woman 2Margaret Kitchingman
Old WomanSue Gardner
PiggleDavid Shannon
NoxTerry Hughes
DeathDavid Shannon
MemoryDavid Shannon
Hall of RecordsRobert Hough

Bob Hough & David Shannon

Production Team
Director : Peta Barker
Lighting Design : Bob Shepherd

Stage Manager : Lotte Wynder
ASM : Mike Hall
Lighting operator : Helen Smith
Sound operator : Malcolm Wynder
Sound tape : Stephen Ley
Percussion : Martin South
Special costumes : Jo Staples
Other costumes : Margaret Kitchingman