or, The Honour of God

by Jean Anouilh
translated by Lucienne Hill

Tower Theatre, Canonbury
January 28 - February 4, 1989


King Henry of EnglandBob Hutt
PageLucie Fitchett
Thomas BecketDavid Blount
Archbishop of CanterburyWilmot Bennitt
Bishop of OxfordBrice Pitt
Bishop of YorkChris Holmes
Gilbert Foliot, Bishop of LondonMarcus Toulmin-Rothe
Saxon fatherDennis Adams
Saxon girlElla Kenion
Saxon sonBob Bradick
First BaronPaul Rutledge
Second BaronJim Spall
Third BaronColin Ley
Fourth BaronTom Tillery
Gwendolen Susie Harling
French girl Lucie Fitchett
First soldierChris Holmes
Second soldierTony Biggins
Young monkJerry Moreton
Provost marshalColin Ley
William of CorbeilBrice Pitt
French priestTony Biggins
Choir boyAndrew Rutledge
Becket’s servantsPeta Barker
Bob Bradick
Queen Mother Denyse Macpherson
Young Queen Karen Walker
PrincesDavid Rutlege
Andrew Rutledge
Etienne, secretary to BecketIan Chaplain
First monkTony Biggins
Second monkNigel Martin
Duke of Arundel Bob Bradick
King Louis of France Dennis Adams
First French Baron Paul Rutledge
Second French Baron Jim Spall
The Pope Colin Ley
A cardinal Tom Tillery
A sentry Chris Holmes
Young sentry Bob Bradick


Production Team
Director : Noreen Spall
Set Design : Ron Brooker
Lighting Design : Stephen Ley
Costume Design : Betty Reading
Song composed by Colin Guthrie

Stage Manager : Claire Rice
ASMs : Margaret Ley, Paul Davies, Tony Biggins, Diane White, Nonny Phillips
Lighting operator : Sarah Ambrose
Sound operator : Roanne Carey
Wardrobe : Betty Reading, Margaret Kitchingman, Phyl Lee, Marjorie Hogg, Pat Bennett, Eve Smith
Sound tape : Alan Root
Drums : Peta Barker
Set construction : Dinah Irvine, Paul Davies, Nick Insley, Helen Smith, Marc Fioré, Barry Hibberd & members of cast and crew