Chicken Soup with Barley
by Arnold Wesker

Tower Theatre, Canonbury
January 14 - 21, 1989


Sarah KahnDespina Sellar
Harry KahnDavid Sellar
Ada, their daughterSally Ann Lycett
Ronnie, their sonTerry Hughes
Ronnie as a childRobert Irvine
Cissie, Harry’s sisterJulie Dark
Hymie, Sarah’s brother Mark Ashdown
family friends
Nicholas Vause
James Winter
Harry Reeder
Bessie, Monty’s wifeCarmel Johnston

Chicken Soup with Barley

Production Team
Director : Pat Grosse
Set Design : Chris Seal
Lighting Design : Len Weller
Costume Design : Phyl Lee
Sound Tape : Colin Guthrie

Stage Manager : Rebecca D’Monté
ASMs : Katharine Whitehead, Kirsten Hawkins
Lighting operator : Marc Fioré
Sound operator : Mike Hall
Wardrobe : Phyl Lee, assisted by Brenda Wilson, Carmel Johnston
Set construction : Keith Syrett, Steve Johnston