or The Genie with the Light Brown Hair

A pantomime by John Field

Tower Theatre, Canonbury
December 17, 1988 -
January 1, 1989


Widow Twanky, a poor washerwoman John Field
Aladdin, her son Fiona Clark
Wishee-Washee, her other son Alan Boyle
The Emperor of China, a mighty monarch Ben Crocker
The Princess Baldroubadour, his daughter Rose Marie Vernon
The Princess Imperial, his spinster sister Margaret Kitchingman
Passion Flower, an upwardly mobile handmaiden Penny Aston
Abanazar, Prince of Wizards, the greatest magician the world has ever known Peta Barker
Balthazar, the Slave of the Ring, a saucy spriteTony O’Brien
Beatrice, the Genie of the Lamp,
a sophisticated sprite
Gail Littlewood
Lotus Blossum, a major domoChris Gregory
Chinese citizens, Rocks, Bodyguards Sue Lacey
Margaret Kitchingman
Ella Kenion
Colin Boulter
Claire Wood
Chris Gregory
Gail Littlewood
Bats Ken Haines
Roanne Carey
Alan Boyle
Abby-Lee Knight
Gail Littlewood

The Band

Sydney Lee (keyboards)
Ken Saatchi or Eddie Cattle (percussion)

Peta Barker & Rose Marie Vernon

Production Team
Director : Penny Tuerk
Musical Director : Sydney Lee
Set Design : Martin South
Lighting Design : Stephen Ley
Costume Design : Phyl Lee
Choreography : Sue Lacey
Bats & Dragons : Ken Haines

Stage Manager : Laurence Tuerk
ASMs : Roanne Carey, Lotte Wynder, Ken Haines, Simon Rhind-Tutt, Nick Insley, Sarah Ambrose, Abby-Lee Knight, Penny Kirkman
Sound recording : Penny Tuerk
Lighting & sound operators : Helen Smith, Dinah Irvine, Sheila Burbidge, Malcolm Wynder, Stephen Ley
Wardrobe : Phyl Lee, Sue Gardner, Carmel Johnston, Betty Reading
Set construction & rigging : Chris Seal, Richard Willis, Thomas Dahlmann, Bill Leahy, Peter Edwards, Colin Guthrie, Marc Fioré, Jim Spall, Paul Davies, Denis Turner, David Taylor