Little Shop of Horrors
Book & lyrics by Howard Ashman; Music by Alan Menken
Based on the film by Roger Corman
Screenplay by Charles Griffith

Minack Theatre, Cornwall
July 25 - 29, 1988

Little Shop of Horrors

ChiffonMuna Syedain
Ronnette Rosemarie Vernon
Crystal Fenella Lee
Mushnik Terry Marlow
Audrey Deborah Brazier
Seymour Richard Willis
Orin Martin South
Audrey II Ken Haines (manipulation)
Peta Barker (voice)
Customer Jonathan Badger
Mr Bernstein Jon Burke
Skip Snip Gately Freeman
Patrick Martin Tim Sykes
Mrs Luce Pat Jones
WinosGately Freeman
Tim Sykes
Ken Haines
Martin South
Bag Lady Pat Jones
Hookers Janet Esterson
Charlotte Moore
Annemarie Fearnley
Gail Willis
Wasps Penny Aston
Fiona Clark
Alan Boyle
Jonathan Badger
Priest Chris Gregory
New York Cop Robert Murphy

The Band

Roy Margolis (piano)
Colin Guthrie (keyboards)
Peter Ley (lead guitar)
Phillip Ley (bass guitar)
Steve Brewer(drums)

Little Shop of Horrors

Production Team
Director : John Field
Musical Director : Roy Margolis
Set Design : Malcolm Wynder
Lighting Design : Kevin Sleep
Sound Design : Stephen Ley
Costume Design : Carmel Johnston, Phyl Lee, Sue Gardner
Choreography : Roland Brine
Audrey II constructed by Ken Haines
assisted by Penny Swann

Stage Manager : Lotte Wynder
ASMs : Sarah Ambrose, Roanne Carey, Simon Rhind-Tutt, Jane Pallant, Rachael Bailey
Lighting operators : Nick Insley, Helen Smith
Sound recording : Stephen Ley (with thanks to Colin Guthrie)
Wardrobe : Annemarie Fearnley, Penny Aston
Additional Choreography : Janet Esterson
Set construction : Malcolm Wynder, Simon Rhind-Tutt, Thomas Dahlman, Lotte Wynder, Dinah Irvine, Roanne Carey, Nick Insley, Martin South, Peta Barker, Colin Winter, Ron Brooker