The Playboy of the Western World
by J M Synge

Tower Theatre, Canonbury
January 23 - 30, 1988


Margaret Flaherty (called Pegeen Mike) Pamela Long
Shawn Keogh, a young farmer, her cousin David Blount
Michael James Flaherty,
a publican, Pegeen Mike’s father
Jim Spall
Philly Cullen
Jimmy Farrell
small farmers
Tom Tillery
Peter Bond
Christopher Mahon (Christy) Ben Crocker
Widow Quin Kate Kelly
Susan Brady
Honor Blake
Sara Tansey
village girls
Liz Barnes
Anne Daly
Siobhan Flynn
Old Mahon Michael Gabe
A Bellman George Webb
VillagersMarjorie Hogg
Chris Holmes
Jerry Moreton

The Playboy of the Western World
Peter Bond & Tom Tillery

Production Team
Director : Noreen Spall
Set Design : Colin Winter
Lighting Design : Alan Root

Stage Manager : Chris Holmes
ASMs : Diane White, Claire Rice, Jerry Moreton
Lighting operator : Alan Root
Sound operator : Val Whitehouse
Wardrobe : Sue Gardner, Marjorie Hogg
Set construction : Peter Benson, Dinah Irvine, Bill Leahy, Steve Rozzi, Chris Seal, Malcolm Wynder & cast and crew