Dick Whittington
(and his Wonderful Cat)

An Islington Pantomime by John Field

Tower Theatre, Canonbury
December 19 1987 -
January 2, 1988


Fairy Roseblossom, Queen of the Flower FairiesCheryl Carman
The Cat, a magic cat with amazing powersPeta Barker
Sarah Whittington, the Cook (The Dame) John Field
Dick Whittington, her sonAnnemarie Fearnley
Alderman Fitzwarren, an Alderman of the City of LondonTony O'Brien
Alice Fitzwarren, his daughter, in love with Dick Fiona Clark
Baron Blunderbore,
a wicked man in league with the powers of darkness
Jonathan Badger
Mack, a fool Marcus Toulmin-Rothe
Tosh, another fool Sean Gubbins
Herald to King Richard II, trained at Kneller HallSally Holley
King Richard II, King of EnglandRobert Murphy
Captain Longplank, Master of the Good Ship "Leaky" Jon Burke
Bo'sun Bessie, a saucy seaperson Margaret Kitchingman
King Rat, an evil creature Carmel Johnston
Chief of Rat Police, feared by all Jon Burke
Fairy Rosebud, a very small fairyAlice Batty
The Sultan of MaratRobert Murphy
The Sultana of Marat, his wife, Fatima Corinne Corré
Mad Mahmouda, Leader of the Sultan's Army Dorothy Hughes
Grand Vizier of Marat, Servant to the Sultan Martin Hollins
Abdul, Full of Eastern Promise Jon Burke
A Town Crier, direct from WappingJon Burke
Traders, Servants, Citizens, Sailors, Soldiers, RatsAlice Batty
Jon Burke
Corinne Corré
Susie Harling
Sally Holley
Martin Hollins
Dorothy Hughes
Carmel Johnston
Penny Tuerk
Margaret Kitchingman
Robert Murphy

The Band

Sydney Lee (keyboards)
Leo Brown (percussion)

Dick Whittington
Tony O'Brien, Annemarie Fearnley, John Field & Fiona Clark

Production Team
Director : Penny Tuerk
Musical Director : Sydney Lee
Set Design : Ian Paterson
Lighting Design : Stephen Ley
Costume Design : Phyl Lee
Additional Choreography : David Taylor

Stage Manager : Laurence Tuerk
ASMs : Lotte Wynder, Simon Rhind-Tutt, Rachael Bailey, Sarah Ambrose
Lighting & sound operators : Helen Smith, Chris Holmes, Sheila Burbidge, Dinah Irvine, Stephen Ley, Malcolm Wynder
Wardrobe : Phyl Lee, Sue Gardner, Kate Cooper, Carmel Johnston
Additional properties : Jocelyn Braithwaite, Ken Haines
Music of the Bells composed by Claire Friedman
Set construction & rigging : Chris Seal, Dinah Irvine, Loraine Schneider, Martin South, Malcolm Wynder, Brian Innes, Denis Turner, Ron Brooker, Rachel Bailey, Steve Rozzi, Michelle Balgobin, Sue Gardner, Ernie Saill, Alan Keggie, Sarah Ambrose, Jo Staples, Cyril Julius, Bill Leahy, Tom Dahlmann, Nick Whitehouse