Much Ado About Nothing
by William Shakespeare

Tower Theatre, Canonbury
November 14 - 21, 1987


Leonato, Governor of Messina Hamid Masud
Messenger Jerry Moreton
Beatrice, his niece Sue Styles
Hero, his daughter Fenella Lee
Don Pedro, Prince of Aragon Michael Gabe
a gentleman of Padua
David Pickard
Don John,
Don Pedro's bastard brother
Chris Holmes
Claudio, a nobleman Stephen Cranny
Balthasar, a musician Peta Barker
Antonio, Leonato's brother David Walker
followers of Don John
Jerry Moreton
David Blount
attendants on Hero
Julia Sanctuary
Joan Walsh
Dogberry, a constable Jim Spall
Verges, his deputy Tony O'Brien
First Watchman George Webb
Second Watchman Tom Tillery
Third Watchman Colin Dent
Friar Francis Ian Tonks
Sexton Nigel Martin
Lords, mourners, etc.Tom Tillery
Colin Dent
George Webb

Much Ado About Nothing

Production Team
Director : Celia Reynolds
Set Design : Malcolm Wynder
Lighting Design : Ron Brooker
Costume Design : Phyl Lee

Stage Manager : Tony Biggins
ASMs : Margaret Ley, Diane White, Betty Somers, Carmel Johnston, Michelle Balgobin
Lighting operator : Bob Critchley
Sound operator : Helen Smith
Wardrobe : Phyl Lee, Maureen Seal, Sophie Wade
Set construction : Chris Seal, Colin Winter, Simon Rhind-Tutt, Lotte Wynder, Thomas Dahlmann, Michael Trowbridge, Ian Tonks & the crew