The Haunted Through Lounge & Recessed Dining Nook at Farndale Castle
by David McGillivray & Walter Zerlin Jnr

Tower Theatre, Canonbury
February 14 - 21, 1987

  Presented by the Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen's Guild Dramatic Society


Gloria Smedley Browne,
who plays June
Muriel England
Lottie Grosskopf,
who plays Marty
Karen Killaspy
Phoebe Reece,
who plays Lady Madge Graves
Pat Scott
Felicity Cheshire,
who plays Crematia
Fay Brainsby
Jasmine Boniface,
who plays Old Yokel, Arnold Death, Dr. Blood, Rev Toombs
Corinne Corré
David Plummer,
the producer of the play
Paul Henderson
Dawn Davis Betty Summers

The Haunted ... 

Production Team
Director : Ann Rooney
Set Design : Tim Bull
Lighting Design : Peter Lawrence
Costume Design : Sheila Thomas

Stage Manager : Rob Hookway
DSM : Keith Syrett
ASMs : Penny O'Brien, Annabel Bowman
Sound tape : Colin Guthrie
Sound operator : Gail Littlewood
Lighting operator : Janet Esterson
Set construction : Richard Willis, Helen Mackintosh, Steve Bray, Beverley Griffiths, Janet Esterson, Martin South, Denis Turner, Karen Hayle, Alan Nesbitt, Dinah Irvine, Chris Seal & cast and crew