Wild Oats
or The Strolling Gentlemen
by John O'Keeffe

Tower Theatre, Canonbury
June 21 - 28, 1986

  Also presented at the Minack Theatre, Cornwall, July 7 - 11, 1986


John Dory, valet to Sir George Thunder Terence Marlow
Sir George Thunder,
a retired sea captain
Edward Phillips
Ephraim Smooth,
guardian & estate manager to Lady Amaranth
Michael Gabe
Lady Amaranth, niece to Sir George Karen Walker
Zachariah, cook to Lady Amaranth Chris Holmes
Harry Thunder, son to Sir George Gately Freeman
Muz, his servant David Blount
Jack Rover, an itinerant actor Piers Whibley
Farmer Gammon, a wealthy farmer Jim Spall
Sim, his son Jonathan Blend
Jane, his daughter Sally Cooper
Banks, their impoverished neighbourRon Brooker
Twitch, the sheriff's officer Jonathan Badger
Waitresses at the Sun Marjorie Hogg
Nonny Phillips
Meg, landlady of The SunNoreen Spall
Trap, treasurer of a theatre companyKen Haines
Lamp, manager of the samePeta Barker
Amelia, sister to Banks Chris Mallett
First Ruffian Chris Holmes
Second Ruffian David Blount
Third Ruffian Ken Haines
Maids, waitresses, servantsSally Holley
Fiona Wilde
Keith Syrett

Wild Oats

Production Team
Director : John Field
Set Design : Ron Brooker
Lighting Design : Stephen Ley, Kevin Sleep
Costume Design : Phyl Lee
Music : Dr Bowser's Brown Bowel Oil Band

Stage Manager : Beryl Homer
ASMs : Keith Syrett, Maria Davies, Fiona Wilde, Sally Holley
Lighting operator : Bob Dorney
Sound operator : Sandra Devaney
Wardrobe : Phyl Lee, Fiona Boyle
Set construction : Ron Brooker, Keith Syrett, Sara Gardner, David Holyoake & members of cast and crew