The Lady From the Sea
by Henrik Ibsen, translated by Michael Meyer

Tower Theatre, Canonbury
May 24 - 31, 1986


Dr Wangel, a country doctor Marcus Toulmin-Rothe
Ellida, his second wife Penny Tuerk
his daughters by a previous marriage
Maria Davies
Fenella Lee
Arnholm, a schoolmaster Michael Crisp
Lyngstrand, a visitor David Mosey
Ballested, a townsman Wilmot Bennitt
TouristsJill Batty
Matthew Batty
Alice Batty
Tony Goodman
A StrangerMax Fisher

The Lady from the Sea
Alice Batty, Jill Batty, Matthew Batty,
Tony Goodman & Wilmot Bennitt

Production Team
Director : Edgar Davies
Set Design : Tim Bull
Lighting Design : Peter Gardner
Lighting Rig : Peter Lawson

Stage Manager : Steve Bray
ASMs : Jane Ely, Chris Seal, Sandra Devaney, Jennifer Steven, Beverley Griffiths, Tony Goodman
Wardrobe : Phyl Lee, Trudy Hyman
Sound tape : Laurence Tuerk
Sound operator : Jackie Everett
Lighting operator : Helen Smith
Set construction : Denis Turner, Helen Mackintosh, Hanne Svensson, Lisa Wright, Alan Thompson, Derek Goode, Sally Holley, Heather Blackmore, Barry Bateman, Karen Hale, Jackie Lewin, Keith Syrett, Martin South, Sally Cooper, Mike Super & cast and crew