Book, lyrics & music by Sandy Wilson
from the novel by Ronald Firbank

Tower Theatre, Canonbury
April 5 - 12, 1986


At Hare Hatch
Mrs Hurstpierpoint

Joan Walsh
Mrs ThoroughfareBrenda Plumley
Father Colley-MahoneyTony O'Brien
Capt Dick ThoroughfareGately Freeman
Lieut. Jack WhorwoodGerry Schilling
ffines, the butlerWilmot Bennitt
Nit, a footmanPeter-Tomás Gray
Fowler, the parlourmaidPenny Aston
Sister EcclesiaCheryl Carman
Cardinal PirelliTom Tillery
FootmanChris Seal
At Tooke's Farm
Grannie Tooke

Sue Gardner
Thetis TookeFiona Clark
David TookePeter Hart
At The Nook
Mrs Yajnavalkya

Peta Barker
Niri-EstherRose Marie Vernon
Carry, the maidTracey-Ann Thomas
At the Strangers' Hotel
Sir Victor Vatt

Marcus Toulmin-Rothe
Lady Parvula de PanzoustKaren Killaspy
Inhabitants of Valmouth
Madam Mimosa

Penny Aston
Dr Dee Sean Gubbins
Mrs Q Comedy Daphne Grose


Colin Guthrie (piano)
Leo Brown (drums/percussion)
Hilary Faunch (flute/saxophone/clarinet)
Ann Hunter (clarinet)
Rachel Ward (bass)

Sue Gardner & Peta Barker  

Production Team
Director : David Taylor
Musical Director : Colin Guthrie
Set Design : John Dorsett
Lighting Design : Laurence Tuerk
Costume Design : Phyl Lee

Stage Manager : Sarah Ambrose
Production Secretary : Penny Swann
ASMs : Michelle Balgobin, Roanne Carey, Ernie Saill, Chris Seal, Helen Smith, Lotte Wynder
Sound tape : Stephen Ley
Tap dancing : Jacquie Sindle
Sound operator : Georgina Willerton
Lighting operators : Martin South, Penny Tuerk
Wardrobe : Celine Rogers, Sue Gardner, Trudy Himan
Set construction : Richard Bealing, Janet Esterson, Roger Woods, Keith Syrett, David Holyoake, Richard Gamble, Alan Nesbitt, Tim Bull
Set realized by Peter Edwards; "Valmouth" painted by Bruce Palmer; gauzes painted by Norman Fenner; chickens by Colin Winter