The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen's Guild Dramatic Society's Production of

by David McGillivray & Walter Zerlin Jr

Tower Theatre, Canonbury
March 1 - 8, 1986


George PeachIan Paterson
Gwynneth Dimson (at the piano) Maria Davies
Phoebe Reece (playing Macduff/ Lady Macduff/&c) Pat Scott
Thelma Thatcher (playing Macbeth) Sheila Burbidge
Henry Tupley (Stage Manager) Ernie Saill
Minnie Smart (playing Banquo/&c) Fiona Boyle
David Plummer (producer) Paul Henderson
Dawn Davis (playing Porter/1st Witch) Betty Somers
Betty Tompkinson (playing Duncan/&c) Betty Reading
Felicity Pemberton (playing Seton/2nd Witch) Julia Sanctuary
Daisy Thatcher (playing Malcolm/&c) Gail Littlewood
Kate Parry-Jones (playing Macduff/3rd Witch) Jenny Knight

The Farndale Macbeth
Pat Scott & Fiona Boyle

Production Team
Director : Ann Rooney
Set & Lighting Design : Richard Bealing

Stage Manager : Keith Syrett
ASMs : Anita Miller, Alice Schaffer, Abby-Lee Knight, Peter Lawson, Gary Trolan
Lighting operator : Janet Esterson
Sound tape : Kenneth Cobb, Stephen Ley
Sound operator : Martin South
Wardrobe : Sheila Thomas, Phyl Lee
Assistance with properties : Colin Winter
Magic adviser : Fay Presto
Fight arranger : Tim Hampton
Set construction : Richard Bealing, Martin South, Janet Esterson, Ken Haines, The Pink Stuff Persons & members of cast and crew