Hamlet, Prince of Denmark
by William Shakespeare

Tower Theatre, Canonbury
October 26 - November 2, 1985


Francisco, a soldier Alex Fodor
Bernardo, a soldier Mark Cook
Marcellus, an officer Julian May
Horatio, friend to Hamlet Nigel Sanctuary
Ghost of Hamlet's father Tom Tillery
Hamlet's uncle, now King
Reggie Oliver
Gertrude, the QueenJudy Carter
Hamlet, her sonMartin South
Polonius, Lord ChamberlainMalcolm Willey
Laertes, son to PoloniusTim Bull
Ophelia, daughter to PoloniusJanet Tomkins
Rosencrantz, friend to HamletMark Cook
Guildenstern, friend to HamletJulian May
Player KingGary Stark
Player QueenAlex Fodor
Fortinbras, Prince of NorwayGary Stark
First GravediggerGary Stark
Second GravediggerAlex Fodor
OsricMalcolm Willey


Production Team
Director : Richard Bealing
Set Design : Denis Turner
Lighting Design : Peter Lawson
Costume Design : Phyl Lee
Composer : Cormac Dorrian
Fight arranger : Tim Hampton

Stage Manager : Margaret Cherry
DSM : Fiona Clark
ASMs : Michele Tamlin, Joan Walsh
Sound recording : Stephen Ley
Sound operator : Sarah Ambrose
Lighting operator : David Cannell
Fencing tuition : Stan Kirby
Wardrobe : Phyl Lee
Set construction : Keith Syrett, Kenneth Cobb, Jane Ely, Derek Good, Tony Grady, Martyn Hilton, Nick Morrall, Bob Shepherd