The Wizard of Oz
by L Frank Baum, adapted by Frank Gabrielson
Music & lyrics by Harold Arlen & E Y Harburg

Tower Theatre, Canonbury
July 6 - 20, 1985


Aunt Em Chris Mallett
Uncle Henry Colin Ley
Dorothy Gale Sandra Street
Pete, a farmhand Peta Barker
Joe, a farmhand Martin South
Frank, a farmhand Gerry Schilling
Zeke, a farmhand Chris Gregory
Miss Gulch, a schoolteacher Judy Carter
Mayor of Munchkin CityRobert Dorney
CoronerPeta Barker
Sorceress of the North Chris Mallett
Wicked Witch of the West Judy Carter
The Lullaby LeagueGemma Dorney
Alice Batty
The Lollipop Guild John Dorney
Strawman Martin South
TreesDave Bigg
Ken Haines
Tin Woodsman Gerry Schilling
Cowardly Lion Chris Gregory
Doorman of the Emerald City Lee Collins
Gloria Janet Esterson
friends of the Wicked Witch
Suzanne Dorney
Jackie Everett
Tibia, a ghoul Alan Smith
Ozmas Peta Barker
The Wizard of Oz Colin Ley
Munchkins, Ozians & Jitterbugs Janet Esterson
Peta Barker
Robert Dorney
Suzanne Dorney
Gemma Dorney
John Dorney
Jackie Everett
Gail Littlewood
Penny Aston
Maria Davies
Moo Syedain
Felicity Cox
Alice Batty

The Band : Alan Colebourne & his Kansas City Stompers
Music arranged & conducted from the piano by Alan Colebourn
Dominic Batty (violin) Richard Willis (trumpet)
Nigel Sanctuary (drums) Martin South (guitar)
Peta Barker (bass guitar) Angus Macauley (clarinet)
Alison Harvey (french horn) Sandra Street
Janet Tomkins (flutes)

The Wizard of Oz
Chris Gregory, Sandra Street, Martin South & Gerry Schilling

Production Team
Director : John Field
Musical Director : Alan Colebourne
Set Design : Sharon Hayward
Sound & Lighting Design : Stephen Ley
Costume Design : Phyl Lee
Choreographer : Jackie West
Puppet Design : Ken Haines
Video & music recording : Stephen Ley

Stage manager : Georgina Willerton
ASMs : Karen Haig, Julie Monkhouse, Louise Cole, Jane Ely, Kathy McGuinness
Sound operator : John Christie
Lighting operator : Sarah Ambrose
Lighting assistants : Chris Seal, Rob Hookway, Ernie Saill, Dennis Elam
Wardrobe : Sue Gardner
Lion Costume : Eve Gregory
Tin Woodsman costume : Gerry Schilling
Puppeteers : Celia Reynolds, Liz Brown, Dave Bigg, Penny Swann, Ken Haines
Set construction : Richard Bealing, Peter Edwards, Jo Kennedy, Tony Shoulders, Rob Hookway, Jonathan Lermit, John Holmes, Richard Willis, The Pink Stuff Boys, Dominic Turner, Denis Turner & cast and crew