by Sophocles, translated by H D F Kitto

Tower Theatre, Canonbury
May 18 - 25, 1985


Tutor to OrestesWilmot Bennitt
Orestes, son to Agamemnon Jonathan Lermit
Pylades, his friend Guy Williams
Chorus Sue Gardner
Fiona Boyle
Kate Kelly
Electra, daughter to Agamemnon Penny Tuerk
Clytemnestra, her mother Stephanie Green
Chrysothemis, her sister Jennifer Wylie
Aegisthus, second husband to Clytemnestra Brice Pitt
AttendantsAlan Smith
Matthew Batty
George Mandaropoulos

Kate Kelly, Sue Gardner & Fiona Boyle

Production Team
Director : George Mandaropoulos
Set Design : Denis Turner
Lighting Design : Laurence Tuerk
Costume Design : Sheila Thomas

Stage Manager : Pam Mears
ASM : Anita Miller
Lighting operator : Sarah Ambrose
Sound operator : Brian Patterson
Set construction : Denis Turner & cast and crew