Puss in Boots
A Pantomime by Alan Brown

Tower Theatre, Canonbury
December 15 - 31, 1984

  Also performed at various schools and halls in Islington
January 5 - 19, 1985

Puss & his magic bootsKaren Readhead
Colin, a miller's sonLindzey Mullard
Gilbert, his brotherSimon Bullock
Filbert, his other brotherKen Haines
Gertrude, Queen of HeartsJohn Field
Ferdinand, King of HeartsTony O'Brien
Jack of HeartsMaria Davies
Princess RosalindAnnie Pang
Princess IsabelGail Littlewood
Jill, the GypsyJackie West
Blunderbore, an ogreGary Trolan
Mr Tap, the teacherRoger La Haye
Katrahan, Queen of the Gypsies / CobblerFrank Gordon
Oswald the AssHimself
WoodcutterChris Seal
Villagers, ghosts, gypsies, guards, attendants Richard Willis
Janet Esterson
Lucy Shields
Ian Johnston
Chris Seal
Loren Fasser
Roger La Haye
Children, woodland animals, gypsies Jemima Thomas
Abigail Thomas
Nathanial Thomas
Anna Gordon
Katie Stern
Joyce Lawal
Samantha Lawal

Puss in Boots

Production Team
Director : Harry Stern
Musical Director : Annabel Thomas
Set Design : Peter Roden
Lighting Design : Stephen Ley
Choreography : Karen Hale
Wardrobe Manager : Phyl Lee
Oswald the Ass made by Colin Winter

Stage Manager : Martin South
DSM : Rob Hookway
ASMs : Léonie Austin, Vanessa Sutherland, Sara Gardner
Sound tape : Laurence Tuerk
Sound operators : Jo Kennedy, Penny Swan
Lighting operator : Sarah Ambrose
Lighting assistants : Keith Syrett, Dave Bigg
Wardrobe assistants : Fiona Boyle, Sheila Burbidge, Sue Gardner, Lil Smith, Quentin Withall
Set construction : Denis Turner, Tim Bull, Brian Patterson, Karen Di Palma, Tony Shoulders, The Pink Stuff Boys & members of cast and crew
Liaison with London Borough of Islington : Richard Bealing