My Lords, Ladies & Gentlemen!
A Music Hall Entertainment devised by John Field
& including the Melodrama

The Wages of Sin or Perfidious Piecework
by Andrew Sachs

Tower Theatre, Canonbury
January 5 - 14, 1984


Michael Roosen (Chairman)
Tony Moores
Peter Hart
Richard WillisDennis Adams
Alison CampbellSylvia Bemish
Karen ReadheadPaddy Stevens
Siobhan ElamMuriel England

My Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen
Richard Willis & Karen Readhead

Production Team
Director : John Field
Musical Director at the piano : Titus Earl
On the violin : Catherine Campbell
Costumes : Phyl Lee

Stage Manager : Georgina Willerton
Lighting design & operation : Laurence & Penny Tuerk