by Michael Kuhn

Tower Theatre, Canonbury
June 3 - 11, 1983

  First performance. Joint prizewinner in the Company's Golden Jubilee play competition

Henderson Flett,an actor playing Montgomery Brice Pitt
Roscoe Hatley,
an actor playing Rommel
Sidney Malin
Hetty Marjoribanks, an actress playing Betty Montgomery Denyse Macpherson
Sir Charles Wilson,
Churchill's physician
Tom Tillery
Lady Lampson,
wife of the British ambassador in Cairo in 1942
Tricia Maguire
Voice of directorArthur Hall
AnnouncerGerald Sanctuary


Production Team
Director : David Taylor
Set Design : John Dorsett
Lighting Design : Ron Brooker
Sound recording : Laurence Tuerk

Stage Manager : Margaret Cherry
ASMs : Pam Broderick, Phil Dustin, Ron Brooker, Rory Johnston
Lighting operator : Roger Woods
Sound operator : Jane Ashley
Wardrobe : Susan Gregory, Tricia Maguire
Set construction : John Dorsett, Peter Edwards, Bob Dorney, Jane Ashley, Phil Dustin