The Passing-Out Parade

by Ann Valery


Tower Theatre, Canonbury
October 8th - 16th, 1982

Cast List

Private Diana Smith-Jenkins : Paula Linge
Private Anne Howard : Debbie Harris
Private Sally Stokes : Diane Burstein
Private Maureen Crab : Lindzey Mullard
Private Val Davis : Cathy Lally
Private 'Basher' Beasley : Claire Ewen
Private Lil : Janet Tomkins
Sergeant Joyce Pickering : Lesley Bilton
Corporal Betty Seagraves : Betty Reading
Corporal Bromsgrove : Noreen Phillips
The C O : Rosalind Cannon
A NAAFI girl : Rosalind Cannon

The Passing-Out Parade


The Passing-Out Parade

Production Team

Director : Ann Rooney
Set Design : Denis Turner
Lighting Design : Kevin Sleep

Stage Manager : Ron Brooker
ASMs : Kirsty McKevitt, Noreen Phillips, Rita Tokatlian, Alan Nesbitt
Drill instructor : Jack Wood
Sound tape : Chris Edwards, Roger Woods, David Fairweather
Bugler : Dan Shafran
Lighting operator : Andrew Taylor
Wardrobe : Angela Jenkins, Phyl Lee
Set construction : Denis Turner, Jane Ashley, David Dale-Skey, Julian Beavis, Alan Williams, Richard Bealing, Anne Carr, Alice Crick, George Webb, Stephen Madley, Adrian Kendall, Helen Smith, Doreen Cavener