The Misadventures of Mr Pickwick

A Musical adapted from Charles Dickens
Book and lyrics by Arnold Hinchcliffe
Music by Frank Wagland and Arnold Hinchcliffe


Tower Theatre, Canonbury
July 2nd - 4th, 6th - 10th, 13th - 17th, 1982

Cast List

The Pickwickians
Alfred Jingle
, an itinerant actor : Terence Marlow
Samuel Pickwick, founder of the Pickwick Club : David Kitchenham
Tracy Tupman, a romantic middle-aged bachelor : Peter Hart
Augustus Snodgrass, an aspiring poet : Julian Parkin
Nathaniel Winkle, an amateur sportsman : Christopher Spear
Sam Weller, formerly boots at the White Hart Inn : Paul Campion
Job Trotter : Tony O'Brien
Joseph Smiggers, vice-president of the Pickwick Club : Tony Goodman

Manor Farm, Dingley Dell
Mr Wardle, the owner : John Field
Rachael Wardle, his sister of uncertain age : Denyse Macpherson
Emily Wardle, his daughter : Angela Selby
Isabella Wardle, his daughter : Cathy Lally
Mrs Wardle, his mother, sometimes deaf : Maureen Seal
Joe, the Fat Boy, his servant : Chris Gregory
Arabella Allan : Niki Mylonas

Miss Boffin's Academy for Young Ladies
George Nupkins, Mayor of Ipswich : Martin Hollins
Henrietta Nupkins, his socially ambitious daughter : Lindzey Mullard
Miss Boffin : Joy Levene
Miss Boffin's Young Ladies : Janet Tomkins, Fiona Boyle, Angela Selby, Niki Mylonas, Cathy Lally

Bardell vs Pickwick
Martha Bardell, a comely widow of agreeable appearance : Chris Mallett
Tommy Bardell, her son : Christian Gregory
Mr Dodson, an attorney : Nigel Austin
Mr Fogg, another of the same : Gerry Schilling
Serjeant Buzfuz, for the plaintiff : John Field
Serjeant Snubbin, for the defendant : Tony O'Brien
Clerk of the Court : Tony Goodman
Mrs Cluppins, a friend of Mrs Bardell : Noreen Phillips
Mrs Sanders, another friend : Juliet Heasman

The Fleet Prison
An Unfortunate Woman : Lindzey Mullard
Turnkey : Martin Hollins
Cobbler : Nigel Austin

Rob Nash (keyboard)
Jane Evans (oboe)
Claire Mellor (flute)
David Goldesgeyme (cello)

The Misadventures of Mr Pickwick


The Misadventures of Mr Pickwick

Production Team

Director : Brian Rawlinson
Musical Director : Rob Nash
Set Design : Noel Howard, Peter Edwards
Lighting Design : Stephen Ley
Costume Design : Phyl Lee

Stage Manager : Johanna Kennedy
ASMs : Lucie Fitchett, Kirstie McKevitt, Jocelyn Braithwaite, Dennis Elam, Kate Gold
Sound recording : Laurence Tuerk
Sound operator : Marie Costa
Lighting operator : Keith Syrett
Wardrobe : Phyl Lee, Lesley Banks, Sandra Street, Sheila Burbidge, Esther Dunne, Angela Jenkins
Set construction : Peter Edwards, Noel Howard, Chris Hanley, Quentin Withall, Julian Bevis, Alan Williams, Helen Smith, Maggi Turfrey, George Webb, Richard Bealing, Denis Turner, Bill Craig, John Brooking, Enrico Coffey, Kevin Sleep