The Misadventures of Mr Pickwick
A Musical adapted from Charles Dickens
Book & lyrics by Arnold Hinchcliffe
Music by Frank Wagland & Arnold Hinchcliffe

Tower Theatre, Canonbury
July 2-4, 6-10, 13-17, 1982


The Pickwickians
Alfred Jingle, an itinerant actor

Terence Marlow
Samuel Pickwick,
founder of the Pickwick Club
David Kitchenham
Tracy Tupman, a romantic middle-aged bachelor Peter Hart
Augustus Snodgrass,
an aspiring poet
Julian Parkin
Nathaniel Winkle,
an amateur sportsman
Christopher Spear
Sam Weller, formerly boots at the White Hart Inn Paul Campion
Job Trotter Tony O'Brien
Joseph Smiggers, vice-president of the Pickwick Club Tony Goodman
Manor Farm, Dingley Dell
Mr Wardle, the owner

John Field
Rachael Wardle,
his sister of uncertain age
Denyse Macpherson
Emily Wardle, his daughter Angela Selby
Isabella Wardle, his daughter Cathy Lally
Mrs Wardle,
his mother, sometimes deaf
Maureen Seal
Joe, the Fat Boy, his servant Chris Gregory
Arabella Allan Niki Mylonas
Miss Boffin's Academy for Young Ladies
George Nupkins,
Mayor of Ipswich

Martin Hollins
Henrietta Nupkins, his socially ambitious daughter Lindzey Mullard
Miss BoffinJoy Levene
Miss Boffin's Young Ladies Janet Tomkins
Fiona Boyle
Angela Selby
Niki Mylonas
Cathy Lally
Bardell vs Pickwick
Martha Bardell, a comely widow of agreeable appearance

Chris Mallett
Tommy Bardell, her son Christian Gregory
Mr Dodson, an attorney Nigel Austin
Mr Fogg, another of the same Gerry Schilling
Serjeant Buzfuz, for the plaintiff John Field
Serjeant Snubbin,
for the defendant
Tony O'Brien
Clerk of the Court Tony Goodman
Mrs Cluppins,
a friend of Mrs Bardell
Nonny Phillips
Mrs Sanders, another friend Juliet Heasman
The Fleet Prison
An Unfortunate Woman

Lindzey Mullard
Turnkey Martin Hollins
Cobbler Nigel Austin


Rob Nash (keyboard)
Jane Evans (oboe)
Claire Mellor (flute)
David Goldesgeyme (cello)

Mr Pickwick

Production Team
Director : Brian Rawlinson
Musical Director : Rob Nash
Set Design : Noel Howard, Peter Edwards
Lighting Design : Stephen Ley
Costume Design : Phyl Lee

Stage Manager : Johanna Kennedy
ASMs : Lucie Fitchett, Kirstie McKevitt, Jocelyn Braithwaite, Dennis Elam, Kate Gold
Sound recording : Laurence Tuerk
Sound operator : Marie Costa
Lighting operator : Keith Syrett
Wardrobe : Phyl Lee, Lesley Banks, Sandra Street, Sheila Burbidge, Esther Dunne, Angela Jenkins
Set construction : Peter Edwards, Noel Howard, Chris Hanley, Quentin Withall, Julian Bevis, Alan Williams, Helen Smith, Maggi Turfrey, George Webb, Richard Bealing, Denis Turner, Bill Craig, John Brooking, Enrico Coffey, Kevin Sleep