The Beaux' Stratagem

by George Farquhar


Tower Theatre, Canonbury
March 12th - 20th, 1982

Cast List

Boniface, landlord of the Inn : Tony Goodman
Cherry, his daughter : Karen Readhead

Thomas Aimwell : Trevor Halvorsen
Francis Archer : Jeffrey Steele
Gentlemen of broken fortune

Mrs Sullen : Priscilla Gray
Dorinda, her sister-in-law : Bridget Graham
Gipsy, her maid : Diane Selwyn
Squire Sullen, her husband : Michael Flagg
Scrub, his servant : Tony O'Brien
Gibbet, a highwayman : Brice Pitt
Foigard, a priest : Stephen Hanway
Lady Bountiful, mother of Squire Sullen and Dorinda : Noreen Phillips

Hounslow : Tony Tesoro
Bagshot : Chris Spear

Sir Charles Freeman, brother to Mrs Sullen : Gerald Sanctuary
Countrywoman : Juliet Heasman
Tapster : Mark Appleyard

The Beaux' Stratagem


The Beaux' Stratagem

Production Team

Director : Edgar Davies
Set Design : Jane Ashley
Lighting Design : David Long
Costume Design : Phyl Lee

Stage Manager : Reg Philpott
ASMs : Joan Walsh, Margaret O'Shea, Chris Spear, Anne Marie Paolucci
Lighting operator : David Cannell
Sound recording : Fiona Baird
Sound operator : Marion Smith
Wardrobe : Phyl Lee, Fiona Boyle
Set construction : Jane Ashley, Claire Ashley, Denis Turner, David Dale-Skey, Alan Williams, Helen Smith