The Man of Mode
by George Etherege

Minack Theatre, Cornwall
August 10 - 14, 1981


The Groomed
Mr Dorimant (Our Hero)
Terence Marlow
Mr Medley (His Confidant) Gately Freeman
Young Bellair (A Nobleman) Peter Hart
Old Bellair (His Father) John Field
Lady Townley
(Old Bellair's Sister)
Noreen Phillips
(In Love with Young Bellair)
Angela Jenkins
Mrs Loveit (A Lady of the Town) Sheila Burbidge
Bellinda (Her Confidante) Karen Killaspy
Hariet (Our Heroine) Bridget Thornborrow
Lady Woodvill (Her Mother) Penny Kirkman
Sir Fopling Flutter
(The Man of Mode)
Dennis Adams
The Ungroomed
Handy (Valet to Mr Dorimant)
Jim Spall
Foggy Nan (The Orangewoman) Ann Rooney
Swearing Tom
(The Shoemaker)
James Horne
Pert (Maid to Mrs Loveit) Celia Reynolds
Busy (Maid to Harriet) Val Whitehouse
Monsieur La Tour Ron Brooker
Monsieur La Biche James Horne
Monsieur Le Beau Ken Haines
Pages Tim Whitehouse
Nicky Whitehouse
Maids Diane Burstein
Antoinette Fahey
Ribbon Seller Jocelyn Braithwaite
Thugs Jim Spall
James Horne
Chairmen David Holyoake
Ken Haines
Mr Smirk (A Chaplain) James Horne

Man of Mode

Production Team
Director : Sara Randall
Set Design : Ron Brooker
Lighting Design : Stephen Ley
Costune Design : Phyl Lee
Dances arranged by : David Taylor

Stage Managers : Beryl Homer, David Holyoake
ASMs : Jocelyn Braithwaite, Fiona Fahey, Jenny Insull, Sarah Ambrose, Antoinette Fahey
Sound : Laurence Tuerk
Lighting operator : Stephen Ley
Wardrobe : Phyl Lee, Sue Gardner, Geoff Clark, Pat Bennett, Gillian Abernethy
Masks specially created by Colin Winter
Business Manager : Laurence Tuerk