The Man of Mode

by George Etherege


Minack Theatre, Cornwall
August 10th - 14th, 1981

Cast List

The Groomed
Mr Dorimant, (Our Hero) : Terence Marlow
Mr Medley, (His Confidant) : Gately Freeman
Young Bellair, (A Nobleman) : Peter Hart
Old Bellair, (His Father) : John Field
Lady Townley, (Old Bellair's Sister) : Noreen Phillips
Emilia, (In Love with Young Bellair) : Angela Jenkins
Mrs Loveit, (A Lady of the Town) : Sheila Burbidge
Bellinda, (Her Confidante) : Karen Killaspy
Hariet, (Our Heroine) : Bridget Thornborrow
Lady Woodvill, (Her Mother) : Penny Kirkman
Sir Fopling Flutter, (The Man of Mode) : Dennis Adams

The Ungroomed
Handy, (Valet to Mr Dorimant) : Jim Spall
Foggy Nan, (The Orangewoman) : Ann Rooney
Swearing Tom, (The Shoemaker) : James Horne
Pert, (Maid to Mrs Loveit) : Celia Reynolds
Busy, (Maid to Harriet) : Val Whitehouse
Monsieur La Tour : Ron Brooker
Monsieur La Biche : James Horne
Monsieur Le Beau : Ken Haines
Pages : Tim Whitehouse, Nicky Whitehouse
Maids : Diane Burstein, Antoinette Fahey
Ribbon Seller : Jocelyn Braithwaite
Thugs : Jim Spall, James Horne
Chairmen : David Holyoake, Ken Haines
Mr Smirk, (A Chaplain) : James Horne

The Man of Mode


The Man of Mode

Production Team

Director : Sara Randall
Set Design : Ron Brooker
Lighting Design : Stephen Ley
Costume Design : Phyl Lee
Dances arranged by : David Taylor

Stage Managers : Beryl Homer, David Holyoake
ASMs : Jocelyn Braithwaite, Fiona Fahey, Jenny Insull, Sarah Ambrose, Antoinette Fahey
Sound : Laurence Tuerk
Lighting operator : Stephen Ley
Wardrobe : Phyl Lee, Sue Gardner, Geoff Clark, Pat Bennett, Gillian Abernethy
Masks specially created by Colin Winter
Business Manager : Laurence Tuerk