The Water Babies
by Charles Kingsley; adapted by John Taylor

Tower Theatre, Canonbury
Dec 17 - 23, 27, 29 - 31 1980
Jan 1 - 3 1981


Irishwoman, the Water Fairy in Disguise Angela Jenkins
Tom, a chimney sweep's apprentice Ian Silbiger or
Graham Page
Grimes, his master, the "king" of the sweepsJohn Field
Head Groom from Hearthover HallDavid Crawley
Under Groom from Hearthover HallJohn Barr
Housekeeper from Hearthover HallJennifer Eyles
My Lady, the Squire's wife at Hearthover HallEttie Tarrant
Ellie, her daughterKaren Payne or
Angela Deamer
Mr Phineas Frog, inhabitant of the moorDavid Crawley
The Water Monkey, King of the Sea of DarknessJohn Field
Mrs Philomena Frog, Phineas' wifeSarah Miller
Mr Lobster, an obstinate creatureJohn Barr
Mrs Bedonebyasyoudid, the ugliest fairy in the worldJennifer Eyles
Mrs Doasyouwouldbedoneby, the cuddliest fairy in the worldSarah Miller
King Herring, a courteous gentleman of the old schoolJohn Barr
Mrs Gairfowl, last of a noble race Ettie Tarrant
Wilberforce Walrus, a befuddled fellow David Crawley
Mother Carey, the Great Sea Mother Ettie Tarrant
Chimney sweep apprentices, Creatures of the Moor Stream & Ocean, Water Babies John Barr
Adam Blaug
Claire Cave
Angela Deamer
Darren Hemington
Caroline Hegarty
Tom Hoyland
Caroline Lennon
Fiona Lennon
Jennie Mordaunt
Jennifer McQueen
Josephine McQueen
Christina Nicolaides
Karen Payne
Kate Rubidge
Alice Schaffer
Lucy Shields
Michelle Strohm
Timothy Whitehouse
Nicky Whitehouse


Colin Healy
Cressida Godfrey
Chris Mileson
John Banton

The Water Babies

Production Team
Director : Noel Howard
Musical Arrangements & Direction : Terry Gore
Production Design (after the original design by Tod Kingman) : Peter Edwards
Lighting Design & Sound Tape : Stephen Ley
Costumes (from the original designs by Cynthia Tingey) : Eve Smith
Choreography : John Wilson, Hilary Strong, Jackie Harbord

Stage Manager : David Dale-Skey
DSM : Sarah Ambrose
ASMs : Chris Whatmore, Maria Davies, Maggie Nicholls, Paul Campion, Elizabeth Page, Catherine Levitt, David Cannell, Jo Braithwaite, Jo Allain, Val Whitehouse, Sue Gardner, Cecilia Coffey, Norah Wood, Pamela Walsh, Wilmot Bennitt, Maria Hughes, Claire Murdugh
Lighting & sound operators : Kevin Sleep, Roger Woods
Wardrobe : Quentin Withall, Phyl Lee, Helen Smith, Paula Smith, Jane Ashley, Angela Jenkins, Sheila Burbidge, Jo Allain, Denis Turner
Set construction : David Taylor, David Kitchenham, Maggi Turfrey, Alan Williams, Sam Herrington, Geoffrey Clark, Janice Gyles, Richard Hill, Alan Whitehouse, Bianca Thomas