Juno and the Paycock
by Sean O'Casey
Tower Theatre, Canonbury
November 16 - 24, 1979


"Captain" Jack BoyleEdgar Davies
Juno Boyle, his wife Denyse Macpherson
Johnny Boyle
Mary Boyle
their children
Terry Turner
Siobhan Elam
"Joxer" DalyDavid Kitchenham
Mrs Maisie Madigan Sara Randall
"Needle" Nugent, a tailor Robert Heginbotham
Mrs Tancred Sue Gardner
Jerry Devine Michael Cook
Charles Bentham,
a schoolteacher
Nick Williams
An irregular mobiliser Dennis Elam
Irregular soldier Peter Barrow
Furniture removal menJim Spall
Christopher Holmes
NeighboursCatherine Bazell
Christine Morris

Juno & the Paycock

Production Team
Director : Noreen Spall
Set & Lighting Design : Ron Brooker
Costume Design : Marjorie Hogg

Stage Manager : Claire Rice
ASM : Jill Rogers
Sound & Lighting operator : Ron Brooker
Wardrobe : Marjorie Hogg, Phyl Lee
Set construction : Ron Brooker, Claire Rice, Tony Hulse, Guy Williams, David Kitchenham, Alan Williams, Tony Longland