The Real Inspector Hound
by Tom Stoppard
Tower Theatre, Canonbury
June 1 - 9, 1979

  Presented as one of two plays by Tom Stoppard, the other being
If You're Glad, I'll Be Frank


MoonIan Lawson
BirdbootDennis Elam
Mrs DrudgeClaudia Meldon
SimonPeter Such
FelicityNicola Walker
CynthiaJulia Thompson
MagnusPaul Rutledge
HoundHoward Davies
AttendantLesley Bilton
AnnouncerGary Trolan

The Real Inspector Hound

Production Team
Director : Colin Turner
Set Design : Alan Williams
Lighting Design : Richard Glynn

Stage Manager : Claire Rice
ASMs : Louise Page, Richard Glynn, Rosalind Davies
Lighting operator : David Cannell
Sound operator : Stephen Hampshire
Wardrobe : John Field
Set construction : Alan Williams, Claire Rice, John Brooking, Denis Turner, David Cannell, Amanda Johnston, Colin Turner, David Kitchenham, Phil Dustin