Children's Day

by Keith Waterhouse and Willis Hall


Tower Theatre, Canonbury
May 12th - 20th, 1978

Cast List

Emma Partridge : Penny Kirkman
Polly Butler : Valerie Whitehouse
Peter Butler : Chris Atherton
Mavis Pawson : Marian Fielding
Tom Sutton : Gary Trolan
Robin Partridge : Dennis Adams
Sophie Lovelady : Jan Goodman
and with the participation of

Children's Day


Children's Day

Production Team

Director : John Field
Set Design : John Field
Lighting Design : Stephen Ley

Stage Manager : Beryl Homer
DSM : Sally Lucas
ASMs : Betty Reading, Hannah Shafran
Sound & lighting operator : Cecilia Coffey
Wardrobe : Betty Reading
Set construction : David Holyoake, John Pople, Alison Howells, Barry Wilson, Paula Smith, Chris Gregory, Terry Atherton, Sonia Hathaway, Alan Williams, Sheila Haverty & members of cast and crew