Children's Day
by Keith Waterhouse & Willis Hall
Tower Theatre, Canonbury
May 12 - 20, 1978


Emma PartridgePenny Kirkman
Polly ButlerValerie Whitehouse
Peter ButlerChris Atherton
Mavis PawsonMarian Fielding
Tom SuttonGary Trolan
Robin PartridgeDennis Adams
Sophie LoveladyJan Goodman
and with the participation of

Children's Day

Production Team
Director : John Field
Set Design : John Field
Lighting Design : Stephen Ley

Stage Manager : Beryl Homer DSM : Sally Lucas
ASMs : Betty Reading, Hannah Shafran
Sound & lighting operator : Cecilia Coffey
Wardrobe : Betty Reading
Set construction : David Holyoake, John Pople, Alison Howells, Barry Wilson, Paula Smith, Chris Gregory, Terry Atherton, Sonia Hathaway, Alan Williams, Sheila Haverty & members of cast and crew