Coward's Corner

Devised from the musical works of Noël Coward by James Horne


Tower Theatre, Canonbury
May 3rd - 6th, 1978

Presented with Coward's Fumed Oak
Coward's Corner was also presented on its own at the Questors Playhouse on May 12th - 13th, in Hawkedon Village Hall, Suffolk on May 20th, and at the Globe Theatre, Plymouth on June 24th, 1978.


Vivien Birks
Sara Randall
Celia Reynolds
Wesley Ashwell
Peter Dawson
James Horne
Terence Marlow
Geoffrey Connor

Production Team

Director : James Horne
Musical Director : Geoffrey Connor

Stage Manager : Jackie Valin
ASM : Ewen Marjoribanks
Lighting : Laurence Tuerk
Wardrobe : Eve Smith

Coward's Corner