Romeo and Juliet
by William Shakespeare
Tower Theatre, Canonbury
April 7 - 29, 1978


Escalus, Prince of VeronaAnthony Donnell
Paris, a young CountRocky Charnley
MontagueJim Spall
CapuletLawrence Werber
Old ManNorman Rimmer
Romeo, son to MontaguePaul Provenza
friends to Romeo
Gately Freeman
Terence Turner
Tybalt, nephew to Lady Capulet Barry Wilson
Friar Laurence William Craig
Friar John Oliver Beamish
Balthasar, servant in the Montague household John Smith
servants in the Capulet household
Stuart Tibber
Anthony Murphy
Oliver Beamish
Abraham, servant in the Montague householdChris Gregory
ApothecaryNorman Rimmer
Page to ParisChristopher Seal
ChorusTom Tillery
Juliet, daughter to CapuletAngela Jenkins
Lady Capulet Valerie Irving
Nurse to Juliet Noreen Spall
Lady Montague Maureen Seal
Citizens, Masquers, Torchbearers & Watch, ServantsAnne Dingle
Josie Abercrombie
Siobhan Elam
Pat Bennett
Maureen Seal
Helen Ross
Anthony Donnell
William Craig
Stuart Tibber
Anthony Murphy
Christopher Seal
Chris Gregory
Oliver Beamish
Trevor Bloom
Ian Gee

Romeo and Juliet
Angela Jenkins, Valerie Irving & Noreen Spall

Production Team
Director : Noel Howard
Set Design : John Newton
Lighting Design : Richard Glynn
Costume Design : Fred Brazier
Dances arranged by Barry Wilson
Fights arranged by Bill Grieg

Stage Manager : Paul Curtis
ASMs : Tom Tillery, Marie Bayliss, Jill Batty, Jay Tokarowicz
Lighting operators : Laurence Tuerk, David Cannell, Lorna Dodd
Sound operators : Margaret Dixon, Richard Walbancke, Lorna Dodd, Tony Goodman, Penny Tuerk
Wardrobe : Marjorie Hogg, Sue Alders, Eve Smith, Helen Smith
Hair created by : Rocky of Ricci Burns
Set construction : John Newton, Claire Rice, Trevor Hope, Clifford Smith, Richard Glynn, Alan Williams, Angela Jenkins, David Holyoake, Ray Clare, Paula Smith, Howard Newton, David Cannell