The Merchant of Venice
by William Shakespeare
Tower Theatre, Canonbury
February 17 - March 4, 1978


Antonio, a merchant of Venice Stuart Devenie
friends to Antonio & Bassanio
Anthony Donnell
Chris Atherton
Max Fisher
Bassanio, friend of Antonio Wesley Ashwell
Lorenzo, in love with Jessica John Pople
Portia, a rich heiress Jill Rogers
Nerissa, her waiting-maid Alison Maguire
Shylock, a rich Jew Lawrence Werber
Prince of Morocco,
suitor to Portia
Paul Rutledge
Launcelot Gobbo,
servant to Shylock
Ian Douglas
Old Gobbo, his father Tony Goodman
Jessica, daughter to Shylock Valerie Irving
Prince of Arragon,
suitor to Portia
Jim Spall
Tubal, a Jew, friend to Shylock Paul Rutledge
Gaoler Jim Spall
Maid to Portia Cheryl Drower
Duke of Venice Martin Kinna
Stephano, servant to Portia Alan Nesbitt
Clerk Tony Goodman
Serving Woman Tricia Ann Eagle

The Merchant of Venice
Jill Rogers & Lawrence Werber

Production Team
Director : Sara Randall
Set Design : Denis Turner
Sound & Lighting Design : Peter Gardner

Stage Managers : Joan & Alan Nesbitt
ASMs : Pat Fetterplace, Cheryl Drower
Sound operator : Sheila Haverty
Lighting operator : Claire Rice
Set construction : Denis Turner, Alan Nesbitt, Claire Rice, David Cannell, Chris Gregory, Alan Williams