Wormseye Review

by Rod Dungate and William Flemming


Tower Theatre, Canonbury
June 9th - 11th, 1977

First London (public) production

Michael Kuhn
William Flemming
Beverley Klein
Joy Levene
Lawrence Werber
Tricia Maguire


Roger Turner (piano)
Daniel Mitcham (guitar)
John Allsop (drums)

Wormseye Review


Wormseye Review

Production Team

Directors : Rod Dungate and William Flemming
Music composed by Roger Turner
Set Design : Denis Turner
Lighting and Sound Design : David Holyoake
Choreography : Tony & Pat Reader

Stage Manager : Jim Spall
ASMs : Sue Corlett, George Longhurst, Pat Simpson
Lighting operator : David Holyoake
Sound operator : Roger Woods
Wardrobe : Eve Smith
Set construction : Denis Turner, George Longhurst, Jim Spall, Sue Corlett, William Flemming