Mother Courage and Her Children

by Berthold Brecht
Translated by Eric Bentley


Tower Theatre, Canonbury
April 22nd - 30th, 1977

Cast List

Mother Courage : Noreen Spall
Kattrin, her daughter : Angela Davis
Eilif, her son : Anthony Donnell
Swiss Cheese, her son : Tony Reader
Recruiting Officer : Peter Such
Recruiting Sergeant : Jim Spall
Cook : Guy Saunders
Swedish Commander : Wilmot Bennitt
Chaplain : James Horne
Yvette Pottier : Sara Randall
Peasant woman : Daphne Grose
Young peasant : Kathy Lowe

Geoffrey Connor (piano)
Dulcie Hodges (accordion)
Anne Barnes (flute)
John Parker (trumpet)
Peter Washtell (percussion)
Suzanne Court (guitar)

Mother Courage and Her Children


Mother Courage and Her Children

Production Team

Director : Michael McKevitt
Musical Director : Geoffrey Connor
Set Design : Ron Brooker
Lighting Design : Simon Auty

Stage Manager : Alison Howells
ASMs : Tony Goodman, George Longhurst, Kathy Lowe
Lighting operator : Stephen Ley
Sound operators : Ray Walker, Peter Gardner
Wardrobe : Pat Reader, Tower Theatre Wardrobe
Set construction : Janet Allain, Daphne Grose, Alison Howells, George Longhurst, Natasha Smyth