The Wild Duck

by Henrik Ibsen
Translated by William Archer


Tower Theatre, Canonbury
March 18th - 26th, 1977

Cast List

Pettersen, a servant : Tom Tillery
Jensen, a hired waiter : Stephen Davies
Old Ekdal : Jim Spall
Mrs Sörby, housekeeper to Haakon Werle : Margot Kenrick
Haakon Werle, works owner : Harold Mellor
Gregers Werle, his son : Michael Flagg
Hjalmar Ekdal, a photographer : William Flemming
Graaberg, a book-keeper : Guy Saunders
Gina Ekdal, Hjalmar's wife : Penny Kirkman
Hedvig, their daughter : Anita Elias
Dr Relling : Michael Spittal
Molvik, a former student : Michael Launder
Dinner guests : Peter Such, Tony Reader, Leo McCloskey, Walter Plinge, Wilmot Bennitt, Chris Gregory, Frank Smith


Anne Barnes (flute)
Anthony Smith (piano)

The Wild Duck


The Wild Duck

Production Team

Director : Rod Dungate
Set Design : Rod Dungate
Sets realized by Denis Turner
Lighting and Sound Design : Laurence Tuerk

Stage Manager : Leo McCloskey
ASMs : Pat Reader, Anne Barnes
Sound operator : Richard Glynn
Wardrobe : Noreen Spall
Set construction : Chris Gregory, George Longhurst, Melvyn Sherwood