A Music Hall Pantomime by Alan Brown


Tower Theatre, Canonbury
December 17th, 1976 - January 1st, 1977

Cast List

Fairy Bowbells : Sara Randall
King Rat : Tom Tillery
Dick Whittington : Jill Thomas
Tommy, his cat : Tricia Ann Eagle
Alderman Fitzwarren : David Phillips
Alice, his daughter : Heather Smith
Idle Jack, his apprentice : Brian Davies
Emmaline (Maggie), his cook : Crichton Bridges
Urchin Child : Ninette Mordaunt
Captain Ginjah : James Horne
Boatswain : John Pople
King Neptune : Peter Curtis
Rustifustican, Sultan of Morocco : Michael Kuhn
Jujube, his daughter : Ann Rooney
Zeldomphed, his chamberlain : Kenneth Pearson
Monkey : John Pople

In the Harlequinade
Harlequin : Karen Killaspy
Columbine : Ninette Mordaunt
Pantaloon : Christopher Yates
Clown : Diana Saperia
Butcher : Allan Broad

Townspeople, customers, sailors, fish, harem dancers and guards, wedding guests : Brigid Avison, Kathleen Kennedy, Karen Killaspy, Ninette Mordaunt, Diana Saperia, Kate Staig, Maureen Seal, Julie Thompson, Allan Broad, Peter Curtis, Michael Kuhn, Kenneth Pearson, Christopher Yates
Rats, sunbeams, icicles, children : Gail Littlewood, Christopher Seal, Hannah Shafran, Dan Shafran, Kaitlin Watson, Robert Watson or Claire Cave, Juliet Cave, William Cave, Linda Ford, Christopher Seal, Natasha Smyth




Production Team

Director : David Taylor
Set Design : Bruce Palmer
Lighting Design : Tony Batchelor
Costume Design : Pat Bennett
Choreography : David Taylor
At the piano : Dulcie Hodges

Stage Manager : Reg Philpott
DSM : Claire Rice
ASMs : Maggie Squires, Jill Radford, Tony Lofts, Ken Putt, Stephen Jones
Sound operator : Roger Woods
Lighting operators : Tony Batchelor, Richard Glynn, Paul Reid
Wardrobe : Marjorie Hogg, Val Said, Eve Smith, Judith Morse, Betty Reading, Myrtle Batchelor
Headdresses designed and made by Colin Winter
Dresser : Susan Eaves
Properties : Catherine Reed
Voice coach : Geoffrey Connor
Rehearsal pianists : Hugh Waine, Keith Goffin, Dulcie Hodges
Sets painted by Bruce Palmer
Permanent setting : John Dorsett
Set construction : Richard Glynn, Ray Michaels, Tony Lofts, Quentin Withall