The Country Wife

by William Wycherley


Minack Theatre, Cornwall
July 5th - 9th, 1976

Also presented at the Cockpit Theatre, Marylebone, July 27th - 31st, 1976

Cast List

Horner, a young man of fashion : Lawrence Werber
Quack, Horner's accomplice : Tony Halfpenny
Horner's servant : Christopher Yates
Sir Jasper Fidget, a credulous old cuckold : Nigel Martin
Lady Fidget, wife to Sir Jasper : Sara Randall
Mrs Dainty Fidget, sister to Sir Jasper : Ann Rooney

Harcourt : John Pople
Dorilant : Brian Davies
Town rakes, friends to Horner

Sparkish, a foolish conceited fop : Christopher Prior
Pinchwife, Margery's jealous husband : David Foster
Margery Pinchwife, an innocent country girl : Joanna Hole
Alithea, sister to Pinchwife : Barbara Schofield
Mrs Squeamish, cousin to Lady Fidget : Karen Killaspy
Lucy, Alithea's maid : Tricia Ann Eagle
Old Lady Squeamish, grandmother to Mrs Squeamish : Joan Wood
Street vendors, attendants, etc. : Daphne Grose, Valerie Darvill, John Field, Colin Smith

The Country Wife


The Country Wife

Production Team

Director : Celia Reynolds
Assistant Director : Colin Smith
Men's Costumes designed by Elizabeth Willis

Stage Managers : Joan and Alan Nesbitt
ASMs : Claire Rice, Kathy Lowe, Ray Walker, Rosina Dalziel
Sound control : Roger Woods
Lighting control : Simon and Janet Auty
Wardrobe : Marjorie Hogg, Noreen Spall