The Country Wife
by William Wycherley
Minack Theatre, Cornwall
July 5 - 9, 1976

  Also presented at the Cockpit Theatre, Marylebone,
July 27 - 31, 1976

Horner, a young man of fashion Lawrence Werber
Quack, Horner's accomplice Tony Halfpenny
Horner's servantChristopher Yates
Sir Jasper Fidget,
a credulous old cuckold
Nigel Martin
Lady Fidget, wife to Sir Jasper Sara Randall
Mrs Dainty Fidget,
sister to Sir Jasper
Ann Rooney
town rakes, friends to Horner
John Pople
Brian Davies
a foolish conceited fop
Christopher Prior
Margery's jealous husband
David Foster
Margery Pinchwife,
an innocent country girl
Joanna Hole
Alithea, sister to Pinchwife Barbara Schofield
Mrs Squeamish,
cousin to Lady Fidget
Karen Killaspy
Lucy, Alithea's maidTricia Ann Eagle
Old Lady Squeamish, grandmother to Mrs Squeamish Joan Wood
Street vendors, attendants, etc.Daphne Grose
Valerie Darvill
John Field
Colin Smith

The Country Wife

Production Team
Director : Celia Reynolds
Assistant Director : Colin Smith
Men's Costumes Designed by Elizabeth Willis

Stage Managers : Joan & Alan Nesbitt
ASMs : Claire Rice, Kathy Lowe, Ray Walker, Rosina Dalziel
Sound control : Roger Woods
Lighting control : Simon & Janet Auty
Wardrobe : Marjorie Hogg, Noreen Spall