It's Called The Sugar Plum
by Israel Horovitz
Tower Theatre, Canonbury
May 27 - 29, 1976

  One of three plays presented together called Funny HaHa, the other two plays being After Magritte, by Tom Stoppard, and Winners, by Brian Friel


Wallace ZuckermanChristopher Whittingham
Joanna DibbleNinette Mordaunt

It's Called the Sugar Plum
Ninette Mordaunt & Christopher Whittingham

Production Team
Director : Doreen Shafran
Design Co-ordinator : Ray Walker
Lighting Design : Stephen Ley

Stage Manager : Claire Rice
ASMs : Reg Philpott, Margaret Dixon, Ray Walker
Recordings : Ray Walker
Sound operator : Roger Woods
Lighting operator : Stephen Ley
Wardrobe : Marjorie Hogg
Set construction : Ray Walker, Claire Rice, David Holyoake, Reg Philpott, Roger Woods