by Sophocles
Translated by E F Watling


Tower Theatre, Canonbury
April 23rd - May 1st, 1976

Cast List

Orestes, son to Agamemnon : Wesley Ashwell
Electra, daughter to Agamemnon : Sharon Willmott
Chrysothemis, her sister : Jane Davies
Clytaemnestra, her mother : Dawn Keeler
Aegisthus, second husband to Clytaemnestra : Kenneth Pearson
Pylades, friend to Orestes : William Flemming
Tutor to Orestes : Ralph Shafran
Chorus : Cora Douch, Marion Desmond




Production Team

Director : Ralph Shafran
Set Design : Tony Batchelor

Production Supervisor : Jackie Valin
Stage managers : Angela Long, Sheila O'Sullivan
Prompt : Sue Brown
Sound and Switchboard : David Cannell
Wardrobe : Marjorie Hogg
Set construction : Tony Batchelor, Myrtle Batchelor, Ralph Shafran, Jackie Valin, Marie Bayliss, Christopher Prior