We'll Meet Again
devised by Bill Manley
Tower Theatre, Canonbury
February 12 - 14, 1976

  Also presented at South London Theatre Centre,
June 19 - 20, 1976


The AnnouncerJohn Newton
The Girls Vivien Birks
Alison Maguire
Maureen Seal
The BoysLarry Barnes
Peter Morgan-Hughes
Gilbert O'Brien
Jim Spall
Tom Tillery
The OrchestraDulcie Hodges (piano)
Peter Bond (guitar)
Hyam Gilbert (percussion)
Special Items :
Salvage Lecture

Larry Barnes
Mulberry Harbour PlansVi Rutter

We'll Meet Again
Tom Tillery

Production Team
Director : Bill Manley
Set Design : Peter Morgan-Hughes
Dance arrangements : Peter Morgan-Hughes
Musical arrangements by members of the company

Stage Manager : Jackie Valin
ASM : Steven Jones
Lighting : Stephen Ley
Costumes : Tower Theatre Wardrobe
Set construction : Annas Dixon, Margaret Dixon, Peter Gardner, Brein Ryder