Hobson's Choice

by Harold Brighouse


Tower Theatre, Canonbury
May 30th - June 7th, 1975

Cast List

Alice Hobson : Sylvia Keeler
Vickey Hobson : Vicky Hallpipe
Maggie Hobson : Celia Reynolds
Albert Prosser : David Pring
Henry Horatio Hobson : Harold Mellor
Mrs Hepworth : Betty Reading
Mrs Hepworth's maid : Helen Smith
Timothy Wadlow (Tubby) : Reg Philpott
William Mossop : Peter Bond
Jim Heeler : Tony Halfpenny
Ada Figgins : Stella Reynold
Fred Beenstock : Tony Goodman
Dr MacFarlane : Michael Freeman

Hobson's Choice


Hobson's Choice

Production Team

Director : Frank Smith
Set and Lighting Design : William Bradford

Stage Manager : David Holyoake
DSM : Peter Hartley
ASMs : Stella Reynold, Gerald Thompson, Peter Morgan-Hughes, Barbara Miller
Effects and Sound Recording : Stephen Ley
Sound and Switchboard : Lorna Dodd
Wardrobe : Pat Bennett, Betty Reading, Noreen Spall
Set construction : Bob Dorney, Jackie Valin, David Cannell, Kevin Lawley, Charles Heilig